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ZAF Academy: The Vision

At ZAF Academy, we believe that nothing impacts a child’s life like her early education. We see every child as an opportunity to change the society at large. When a child walks through our doors we take great pride in being able to nurture her and plant seeds of confidence and curiosity to set them on a lifelong journey of learning. Teachers are the gateway to their future.

All teachers are who are recruited undergo a rigorous 3 week training camp before they step into the classrooms. US educated and exceptionally seasoned trainers undertake the responsibility to maintain high standards of education throughout the school.

What makes us unique is our focus on the bigger picture.  The founders at ZAF academy know the importance of education inside as well as outside the classrooms. We keep the parents closely involved with the child’s education. We especially welcome mothers, who are often than not uneducated,  to walk in the class room and sit through the classes.  We welcome questions and ensure there is always a two way channel of communication between the two most important catapults that launch a child’s emotional and intellectual aptitude.
Educating children alone is not the key and that is why ZAF is venturing out with adult educational and vocational classes.

Basic amenity like healthcare is a luxury in these parts and we know the importance of good health in enabling the students to attend school regularly. Lack of basic amenities and hygiene has children falling ill very regularly. Even if an older member of the family is sick the healthy child, mostly girls, drop out of school to help out at home. It is most heart wrenching to see a child sacrifice their future to help a sick sibling or parent. That is why ZAF launched its “Hearty Healthy Homes” initiative.  ZAF offers free medical examinations for its students every three months and for their immediate family every six months. Preventive and over the counter medicines are provided for free or for minimal cost.

Another example of teaching outside the class is special attention to hygiene in neighborhood.  Regular cleaning drives are launched where children and their parents are taught proper waste disposal, recycling, bio gas production, solar energy and environmental hazards like misuse and wrong dispose of non-degradable plastic.