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Saleha Azmi

  • Co-founder and Ex-Principal, ZAF Academy


    ZAF is a center for providing demonstrable values in learning, enabling practical and sustainable educative implementation, while also responding to the needs and opportunities as they emerge in their immediate environment. We are working towards making learning accessible and not a luxury dependent upon time and circumstances. We intend to build a space for children, where their interest and imagination can be sustained thus allowing them to be explorers of fantasy.

    Nothing brings us more happiness than to see these young children surpass our challenges, excited to learn new things every day.

    We believe education should be an intensive process of sharing knowledge which would spark the child's imagination, for which we also have a number of Indian and International visiting faculty to teach and hold workshops that engage students and teachers in an interdisciplinary mode of enquiry, thinking, doing and making.

    We hope to make ZAF Academy to act as a catalyst to impart education for the growth of the society. We are maneuvering towards providing an environment which is playful, fun and which makes our children curious to find answers, which sets them on a journey of adventure of meeting new friends, learning new adventurous land with serious play.

    As founders of ZAF Academy, we welcome you to join us and others in our team as we take our small but sure steps towards progress, towards changeā€¦for the better.

  • I can be reached by email at saleha [at]