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Located deep in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, ZAF – Zaheer Alam Foundation Academy strives to make a difference where it is needed the most.

The goal is simple and clear, to impart quality education to the children of rural India whose parents cannot afford to send them to a big city school. The aim is to nurture these kids and impart education of a higher standard so that it breaks the cycle of poor education, poverty and low standards of living. Children can be self-reliant and confident to face the world.

It started with 12 children in a 12 door room in the ancestral home of Zaheer Alam. ZAF is now treading new grounds by taking up a separate school building and educating more than 100 children within a span of three years.

Make a difference

We are constantly looking for people who are passionate about education and want to make an impact in the society.

Leave a better planet

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    An appeal to all those who want to see a better Azamgarh and a better India

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